User Reviews

As much as we like to rave about our cinnamon t-shirt, nothing speaks louder than feedbacks from our users. Below are some love we got from our Kickstarter backers around the world after they tried out our cinnamon t-shirt: 


Wow, I'm really impressed. Look, feel, fit, function - the ideal shirt I've been looking for. I wore the same shirt on back-to-back days for biking and then hiking in fairly hot weather. I'm glad a got a long sleeve one too. It will be my new go to base layer for hiking/camping – Eric O., Kickstarter backer, Japan


Received my T shirts yesterday, fantastic feel and wear. I live in Taiwan and went hiking in 39c weather. Was I soaked? Damn straight but I smelt fabulous Stephen, Kickstarter backer, Taiwan


I've been using my two t-shirts (short and long sleeves) in Ré Island (France) : they fit and feel perfect. No sweat, feels warm enough while there is wind. Super comfy and lightweight...Love them. Great products.- Michel P. , Kickstarter backer, France


They do not only look great (nice idea with the sacks in the same colour!), but also feel very good and light. Awesome - great job! – Gunther M., Kickstarter backer, Germany


I wore my shirt during a 12 hour shift today & it smells & feels great! – Cathy M., Kickstarter backer, USA


Worn this for about 6 workout/runs so far - excellent shirt. Lightweight, keeps me cool - really love it so far! – Brad D., Kickstarter backer, USA


My son says it "does not feel like a shirt" and I told him I think that's the point. He loves it for working out - so cool and comfy – Cindi Y. , Kickstarter backer, USA


These shirts are destined to be my camp and sleep shirts for backpacking and camping  – Gabriel C. , Kickstarter backer, USA