Fabric Technology


We smell after sweating because bacteria break down proteins in our sweat into acids, which contains odour. One way to eliminate the smell after sweating is to reduce or inhibit the growth of odour producing bacteria on your skin. We have tested our fabric containing cinnamon extracts against Staphylococcus aureus - one of the most common odour-producing bacteria on our skin.  

Anti-microbial test against staphylococcus aureus (odour producing bacteria)

The picture on the left is when the bacteria are first introduced to the petri dish, as you can see the white dots are the actual bacteria! After 18-24 hours in contact with the cinnamon fabric, almost all the bacteria disappeared on the surface of our fabric. And since the odour-producing bacteria can't grow on the cinnamon t-shirt, we eliminate the annoying smell after sweating, keeping you fresh on the go. 

What's even better is that we use a patented technology that combines cinnamon extracts with recycled polyester that are then made into yarns, fabrics and garments. In contrast to chemical or heavy metal coatings that are temporary and are washed off in as little as 5 washes, our anti-odour function will last the lifetime of the t-shirt

We tested the anti-microbial property of the t-shirt after 20 washes, and the result shows the function did not fade a bit. 

Anti-microbial activity value which indicates the effectiveness of anti-microbial function did not fade after 20 washes

Moisture wicking

Moisture wicking shirt is usually achieved by adding chemical coatings to the fabric, whereas the KOUP cinnamon t-shirt uses physics to do the work. We use a more expensive customised yarn which has a special cross-section to promote capillary action. As a result, it draws water away from the skin quicker and leaving you dry and comfortable after work-outs. 

Special yarn cross-section to promote moisture-wicking

Breathable & cooling

The Koup cinnamon t-shirt has a textured jacquard structure (almost like many pores in the fabric), allowing air and sweat to exchange freely through the fabric. This allows body heat to pass through the fabric to the ambient environment, so you feel comfortable when wearing the t-shirt.

Jacquard fabric close up



Comfortable fit

Our novel Agile-fit™ that compliments any body type and our newly improved fabric have more stretch than the previous version. With the new knitting method, we have increased the stretchiness of our fabric by 30%.