How is the award winning Cinnamon T-shirt Made?

Sustainable supply chain...

Our award-winning cinnamon T-shirt starts with GRS certified source for recycled plastic bottles so we ensure we actually save plastic waste and not creating more. Our Oeko-tex(R) approved material supplier first shred the plastic bottles and melt them and at this stage we add cinnamon extracts to create our anti-microbial pellets (beads). These pellets are then melted and extruded into fibres during the yarn spinning process to get our unique antimicrobial fibre.

Best moisture wicking shirt designed by physics...

To make the best moisture wicking shirt, our naturally moisture wicking and quick dry performance, the shape of the fibre is modified to boost its capillarity without adding any chemical. These awesome high tech fibres are then knitted into a special jacquard fabric construction (fancy word for an advanced and expensive way of knitting) to make our shirts super breathable, ultra lightweight, and naturally cooling. The fabrics are then dyed in a Bluesign(R) certified dye mill to ensure we comply to the highest environmental standard and the finished fabrics are cut and sew in our supplier's WRAP certified garment factory to ensure we comply with the most stringent ethical standards!

Voila! The best performance T-shirt is made! 

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