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The fast fashion industry encourages consumers to view and treat clothing as disposable – on average, one garment is worn only 7 times before they are discarded as trash. New styles are released every week, with micro-trends accelerating the industry and consumers buying as well as trashing clothes quicker than ever. Our planet is faced with the consequences of our overproduction and overconsumption of clothing, resulting in massive amounts of waste and pollution detrimental to people, animals, and the earth.

“The apparel industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions and remains the second largest industrial polluter, second only to oil.”
James Conca, Forbes

Circular economy and circular fashion in particular aims to target the issue with textile waste and the numerous environmental impacts of fast fashion through designing systems and products that don’t create waste at the end of a product’s lifecycle, and instead can be repurposed and regenerated into new materials and products. One sustainable solution to tackle this problem is through clothing rental services.

There are tons of benefits when it comes to renting clothes, such as experimenting with new styles without having to commit to buying and keeping them, extending their consumer use, keeping clothes out of landfills and incinerators, saving water, energy, resources, money, and many more.
“Studies have shown that increasing the number of times we wear a single piece of clothing is the best thing we can do in terms of reducing the environmental and social impact of our wardrobes
It allows people to try the latest trends without the guilt of buying something new, to avoid overcrowding their wardrobes all while extending the life of these rented pieces.”
Solene Rauturier, Good On You

How does it work? Let’s take a further look!

Clothing rental services are, as the name suggests, services for you to rent clothing for a certain period of time without having to commit to buying and keeping them (although if you like a piece and want to keep it, some companies give you the option to purchase it at a discounted price!). The specifics – number of garments, styles, rental time, shipping policies, membership options, etc. – vary from company to company, however, the overarching principle is that we are able to extend the life of clothing and lessen the negative impacts of the fashion industry through these services.

“With an increasing emphasis on sharing instead of owning, online clothing rental services enable the brand- and price-conscious consumers to try a wide variety of outfits without purchasing them.”
Business Wire
Want to experiment with new styles and trends but don’t want to commit to buying them? Problem solved. Those specific events where you need a special outfit but know that you will only be wearing it once? Problem solved. Thinking of switching to a more sustainable lifestyle and helping the planet? Problem solved.


With circularity and the planet at the core of Koup, we are collaborating with Taelor, the first AI-curated menswear rental company based in the U.S. with the mission to “help people achieve their goals by building confidence in how they look and feel when connecting with others”.
At Taelor, it’s as easy as PICK. WEAR. SWAP! All you have to do is take a quiz to determine your style, receive and enjoy the read-to-wear items for 15 days, return them using a pre-paid bag or keep it and get up to 70% off, and pick your next box! Super simple and fun, right?
Right now you can get a FREE Koup rental box with 4 shirts for 30-days to experience our signature cinnamon t-shirt! All you need to do is go to Taelor and follow 4 simple steps: Rent, Wear, Swap or Keep what you like with a special discount. 
Use code "KOUP" at https://taelor.style to get a special FREE rental box of 4 shirts. Offer expires on 12/30/2021.


Currently, Taelor is Menswear Size M Exclusive, but you can join their waitlist and be the first to enjoy varieties of new clothes and receive a free box of 4 items when your size’s pilot is launched!
A stylist and AI at Taelor will help curate your box based on your picks, making the whole process stress-free while helping you save valuable time and money as you don’t have to worry about what to wear. Taelor gives you the chance to try new styles with zero commitment, and if you like the pieces you receive, you can even purchase them at a special discount price for members. At the end of the two-week rental, simply return the clothes (shipping and cleaning are both covered, yes you read that right) and get ready to try even more brands and styles!
With the shared goal of sustainability and circularity, we are very excited to be collaborating with Taelor! By renting clothes rather than buying new ones, we help slow down the fast fashion cycle, reduce waste, and extend the life of garments all while simplifying our lives by owning less but still enjoying fashion.
Try Koup on Taelor now (for free!) and make sure to follow us on our socials to stay up to date with our latest news and collaborations!
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